Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year New Beginnings

Last year was wonderful for me! I made quite a bit of sales and had sastified customers which I imagine is out ultimate goal. I thank my wonderful customers for supporting me and purchasing some of my weird designs lol. I hope everyone had a great year and are ready for another great one. I've only been selling jewelry for under a year but, I've been selling bath and body for over 3 years. I thought about incorporating the two business' together because it is really difficult trying to manage both along with my two children and working. Sometimes I'm so tired I don't want to look at perfume or touch my jewelry! I have a new focus this year and basically don't want to go crazy stocking about 300 products. I'd rather have maybe 60 products that I focus on and manage. I often find great deals here in New York City but that leads to problems. I'm not always able to duplicate the product and who knows maybe someone else wanted the same one. Anyway my point for this year is to take one day at a time. Focus more on what's selling rather than what isn't. I will no longer be afraid to try out new ideas and just continue loving what I'm doing!  So tell me what's your ultimate goal for this year???