Thursday, August 5, 2010

I was featured on the frontpage of etsy! August 5, 2010

To my surprise my daughter came and said hey mom congratulations! I had no idea what she was talking about? She's like its on your facebook, your on the frontpage! I didn't believe facebook so I went straight to the source. Checked out the front page of Etsy and there I was with my bright chalcedony citrus earrings! Honestly I'm so happy that I buckled down and started learning everything about how to use my camera because it all paid off!  Here is a screenshot of the treasury.

Drape yourself in Purple

Purple has always been my favorite color. It has many shades as other colors do but, purple can evolve from light to very deep sultry color. Purple is the color to wear right now in any and all shades. Check out these wonderful purple finds and tell me which are your favorite!







It has always been my dream to have a purple wedding! Okay maybe not deeply purple but lavender or lilac! Check out these great Purple Wedding Finds!