Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feature Satuday AnBlathPaipeir on Etsy

Today we are featuring Becki Owner of AnBlathPaipeir on Etsy.  Please visit her shop to see all her pretty and amazing items!

First Name: Becki

Name of Shop:  An Bláth Páipéir ("uh BLAH paa-perh") - Means The Paper Flower in Irish

Who runs the shop?  Why, I do.

What do you sell?  Recycled Eco Friendly Recycled paper flowers

What made you decide to sell handmade?  I have always loved working with my hands. This one is not my first shop. I started out with beaded jewelry. I still have the shop, but it is a rough market on etsy. I enjoy what I do, and I feel great that I can help the environment, and make a small chunk of change for my family in the process.

What exactly goes into developing your product (s)?
Mostly...Time...My flowers are unique in their assembly, and in their creation. Each has its own personality, and shape. They take about an hour to make. If you look at the picture, you can visualize each sheet of paper, singly its own place in the symmetry of the flower. And each one is placed individually.

What are some challenges in running your own shop?
Again, Time. I am a full time stay at home mom running a house hold of seven. I am a full time writer working on publishing my first novel, AND a full time business woman. I juggle a great deal of things in my daily life.

Anything rewarding about what you sell?  How it may affect others who use it?

Did you take any classes? Not presently. But I plan to take a few creative writing classes very soon. I have considered teaching a few classes as well.

What are your favorite materials?  For the flowers anything paper! I have tried nearly every type of paper.

Do you have another website besides etsy? I have a blog!

Any goals for the rest of the year?  I am hoping to get to some shows this summer, replenish my stock, and reach 30 sales!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?  Whooo...thats a big question. All I can say is don't give up.

Incredibly enough, I came upon the idea for these flowers in a dream. As far as I have searched, I am the only one with flowers like these.

Made from recycled printer paper, spray painted pink, and sealed with an acrylic sealer.

3/4 inch Star flower Ring.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

New featurette every Saturday!

I love finding new and exciting people especially on etsy. Every Saturday will feature an etsian so I hope you will look out for that. I googled my name this weekend and found only three pages lol. Anyway, I found that I was sorda kinda featured on the ReadyMade Blog! The blog spoke about using different colors in your everyday style so it features a color wheel and products that was similar. My item is the first one which actually sold on Friday! I always love combining red and gold together it's just so regal looking. I try to incorporate color into my wardrobe but it's difficult. I'm a basic black girl and while that is bad in summertime, I still love it. Do you have that same problem, comment below!

Also I will be giving away a piece of my jewelry for June. Not sure the date yet but it will be easy to enter! Look out for that later on.