Sunday, May 16, 2010

New featurette every Saturday!

I love finding new and exciting people especially on etsy. Every Saturday will feature an etsian so I hope you will look out for that. I googled my name this weekend and found only three pages lol. Anyway, I found that I was sorda kinda featured on the ReadyMade Blog! The blog spoke about using different colors in your everyday style so it features a color wheel and products that was similar. My item is the first one which actually sold on Friday! I always love combining red and gold together it's just so regal looking. I try to incorporate color into my wardrobe but it's difficult. I'm a basic black girl and while that is bad in summertime, I still love it. Do you have that same problem, comment below!

Also I will be giving away a piece of my jewelry for June. Not sure the date yet but it will be easy to enter! Look out for that later on.

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