Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tips for buying chains

Most often when selecting any piece of jewelry, you figure you know your size for rings, bracelets and such. Chains and pendants however are different. The size of the chain and or pendant affects your look, and overall style. I am no expert nor have a certain style LOL but I have however been reading up quite a bit.

Chokers   14-16 inches
These are best worn with open collars and boatneck tops.
This size chain wraps closely to the neck

Princess    16-18 inches
This size is best worn with a button down blouse with two buttons open.
Great for the office
This size stays close to the neck. If a pendant is attached it will hang above the breast bone depending on the size of the pendant.

17-20 inches
Meets at the top of the breast bone

Matinee    20-24 inches
Wear this size under a collar shirt or turtleneck
 Wear big bold layered or  a multistrand necklace
This size meets at the top of the bust line

Opera     30-36 inches
This size is more for formal, semi formal dresses
Best benefit of this size is that it can be doubled.

Learning about this has helped me a lot and hopefully will do the same for you! Leave me some comments and let me know what you think.


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