Saturday, November 7, 2009

Color Symbolism

What do colors mean to you? I was always a big fan of wearing black mostly because it goes with everything and simple to put together. I've never been able to just mix and match different colors together so I've been learning about that! Anyway, purple is my favorite color because it evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. My walls are light purple which everyone says makes them fall asleep quickly. They say that wearing certain colors does things to you like wearing blue makes you feel relaxed and blue symbolizes meditation. Red is for fiery people and usually makes the wearer hyper.  Orange symbolizes creativity and best worn by those who love to craft? Isn't that everyone in the world?? Yellow is for communication, which is great for getting information from people or if you want to get someone speaking to you. So what color is your favorite and why? While your thinking about that check out some new pieces I made!

Amethyst Wire Wrapped Pendant and Chain

Labradorite Wire Wrapped Pendant and Chain

Green Aventurine Wire Wrapped Pendant and Chain


  1. Those are beautiful necklaces!

    My fave colors to wear are:

    Black- for the same reason that it goes good with anything

    Red- because it makes my face glow and goes well with my hair

    Cerulean blue- same reason above

    Brown- Make my hair look shiny. :)

    Pink- same reason

    I had a friend that was a beauty consultant in college- so she helped me learn which colors made my face coloring look really good. For example- I can't wear yellow or many tan colored shirts because they make my face look sickly. :)

  2. GREEN!! But I love the purple necklace too. :-)

  3. Wow delightful perception you are lucky. I had to figure out on my own my best color is brown. Mostly because it goes with my skin color and hair lol.

  4. I love green too that's my birthstone color!