Thursday, December 3, 2009

Low cost advertising with perks!

I just found this site called IndieSmiles and I love it because it is so affordable. I don't have a huge budget for outside advertising, so finding a site that not only is not expensive there are perks to it! So I submitted my information and my link and picture was approved. Great, so now what? I've advertised in Craftopolis and CraftCult but never knew how many people were actually checking out my site. I have google analytics but I don't always depend on that.

So I received an email from indiesmiles that showed a link to see my how my ad was doing? The other sites certainly didn't do this. Not only that but the ads were more expensive and therefore not for me. When I saw that a two week ad would cost only $12, I couldn't believe it! A one month ad would cost only $20! I thought it was a trick or something so I entered in my information and went to paypal and paid. It was fast and easy and best of all, in my price range. I decided to join up and be an affiliate and help out others by offering 5% discount when you sign up under me and buy an ad.

Just click the link above marked indiesmiles and sign up today for low cost advertising! In case that link does not work try this one:

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