Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot Military Styles

I'm not much for wearing camouflage but with a small budget and some awesome items,  you can style up or down your wardrobe. Military style doesn't have to be just green/khaki/dark green. It can come in the simplest form, and really expand your styling and soaping skills.

550 Paracord Survival Bracelet by theangryrobot


T-Shirt of Aero Military Squadron 168th by Diatonic


Razzmadazzz Cadet Hat by Glitzglamsparkles


Cool Camo Reversible Bib by Cyndilooboutique


Military Style Olive Drab Green Messenger Bag by Baretree


Army Green Hand Grenade Soap by Stinkybomb


Army Star by Calooshi


380 Auto Dangle Bullet Earrings by Gooddayjewelry


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