Friday, October 23, 2009

New Earrings Added!

I have so much fun making jewelry, most importantly earrings. I've always believed that if you have to make a statement with jewelry, make it with earring. Earrings can take the place of necklaces and ultimately take your outfit to the next level. Especially when your hair is tussled or tied up, a bold pair of earrings lenghtens your outfit and face.

Here are some new pieces! Click on the name to take you straight to the shop!

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Briolettes

The Raven, Nevermore.......

AAA Amethyst Wire Wrapped Briolette in Sterling Silver

14K Gold Filled Emerald Isle Briolette


  1. Gorgeous earrings!

    I couldn't agree more about earrings. I've always been an earring person more than anything. Still am. I'll always have way more earrings in my jewelry collection than anything else.

  2. I swear I have wayyyy more earrings than anything else! They can be so simple yet so striking at the same time!